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Fast Rollouts
Everywhere in Germany

We implement demanding IT and electrical installations everywhere in Germany—quickly, safely, and reliably.

A consistent infrastructure for your business

Network printers, POS systems, servers, routers, switches, and many more—a modern business infrastructure comprises many components. For chains and other businesses operating at multiple locations, this poses a particular challenge: When implementing changes at one location, the entire business structure needs to be taken into account. Upgrades or the introduction of new systems would often require implementation at all locations in a short time frame—or even simultaneous implementation. We understand the challenges resulting from distributed infrastructure and offer the appropriate solutions.


Nationwide Team

Our network of more than 300 specialists in Germany is always when and where you need us.


With our specialists for IT and electrical installations we cover every necessary competence—from putting down cables to configuring your software.

Independent of Manufacturers

We use what is best suited to your requirements. Always.

Centralized Planning and Coordination

We plan and coordinate services and projects at all of your business locations.

Minimal Downtime

We limit interruptions to your business to what is absolutely necessary. To achieve this, we can implement your rollout at all locations simultaneously or, if needed, during the night or on weekends.

Perfect Transparency and Control

With our browser-based workflow management system Cervis Insight, you can follow every step in real time, using one tool.

Clear Pricing

Every project is different, but our prices are not. With Cervis, your procurement team always knows what they’re getting and what it costs.

„All of my sales people know who is synonymous with nationwide, reliable IT-services: Cervis.“

Karl Heinz John, Telekom

„Cervis has successfully completed a large number of service tasks in a very short period of time. Their dynamic team is characterized by exceptional commitment and flexibility. We were impressed by the quality of their services and their responsiveness. We value the reliable partnership and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.“

Moritz Hubel, Enpal, Director Venture Development

„Cervis visited 95% of our branches within three weeks and correctly implemented all changes in 91% of them. Cervis Insight allowed us to manage the implementation in every single branch. This was a well-structured process that allowed us to intervene in real time, whenever needed. I don’t think anyone can compete with Cervis!“

Sascha Detke, Nordsee, CIO

„Friday, 4 pm: The pumps at 120 petrol stations all over Germany shut down. Some error in a software update. Monday morning: Cervis has already fixed 106 of the 120 stations. Without any warning. Over the weekend. I wouldn’t have thought that any company was able to achieve that level of performance. Now I know: Cervis is!“

Friedhelm Burgdorf, Senior Project Manager, Signalhorn

„Transparent, highly fexible, and always win-win-driven. Cervis is an essential partner for digitizing Germany.“

Jasmina Corbo, Telekom

„Cervis Insight offers us precise information about what is happening on-site. And we can trust Cervis technicians to be on time. Transparency, reliability, know-how – Cervis offers an attractive and complete package.“

Martin Pohl, 1&1, Process Manager

„Cervis installed new switches and two access points at 1,500 petrol stations – and provided the logistics at every location. The result: everything done perfectly. Project management, technicians, communications, processes, fairness, pricing. Cervis has convinced us in every aspect!“

Friedhelm Burgdorf, Senior Project Manager, Signalhorn

„Cervis is complementing our own teams of technicians all over Germany, often with just a day’s notice. This allows us to handle spikes in demand or avoid downtime, such as when a technician cannot show up for work at a construction site. And to top it off, Cervis is brilliant at project management – what else could you ask for?“

Angela Knop, Protection One



„If your project involves network connectors of any kind, Cervis is the right partner for you. It's really that simple.“

Sebastian Britting, CEO Cervis GmbH


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