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Driving change.

We don’t just talk about digitalization and increasingly rapid changes—we actively promote the transition to digital and offer concrete solutions to complex challenges.

Revolution is Business as Usual!

Everyone is talking about the digital revolution. And this conversation is important. However,  digital transformation doesn’t happen on its own. There is more to it than a business’s “change culture,” or the latest trend in software. To actually enable us to use all these new systems, someone has to take a screwdriver, cut slots, lay down cables, construct server farms, and install and configure all those network-enabled devices. This isn’t a small job. And we are the ones doing it!

Moreover, business infrastructures are becoming more and more complex. This is especially challenging for chains and businesses with branches in multiple locations. Partially implementing a new system is often ineffective, prone to error, or even impossible. In such cases the only way to modernize a business’s infrastructure is to modernize it at multiple locations simultaneously. We do precisely this.

It is not enough to just install and configure a technical system. Regular maintenance and quick troubleshooting are necessities as well—regardless of whether it is about a switch in Hamburg, a router in Cologne or Dresden, or a server room in Munich. Businesses that don’t want to rely on a patchwork solution based on a variety of regional service providers need a reliable partner offering on-site service everywhere in Germany. We are this partner.

The digital revolution is far from over. In reality, it’s just beginning. And the best way to prepare a business for a future in flux is to implement flexible structures. For this you need a partner that is not just ahead of the game today, but who keeps on turning innovation into tangible new solutions. In the 1990s, Cervis began supporting people in their living rooms, offering to configure their very first computers and help them get online. Today we run one of the best—if not the best—technical services for geographically distributed business infrastructure in Germany. But we want to do more than just dwell on past achievements. We want to be your partner today and tomorrow.


Cervis – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Cervis started in 1998 under the leadership of Michael Britting. The initial idea was both convincing and simple: Enable customers to order a technician for their computer, just as they did when ordering a pizza. Quick. Easy. All over Germany. Give Cervis a ring and they’ll be on their way. The idea was a perfect fit for its time. In 1997 only about 6.5% of Germans used the internet. Twenty years later, more than 80% were online. With more than 250,000 installations in private homes, we have played our part in this development—and we are proud of it.

Even at the very beginning, our B2B model was part of our culture. And over time, it has become more and more central to who we are. Today, Cervis is a well-known service provider that supports businesses with geographically distributed technical infrastructure anywhere in Germany. This change was emphasized in 2019, when Sebastian Britting, Michael’s son, took over the leadership of the company.

What will tomorrow bring? We will continue to be there whenever it comes to expanding or changing technical infrastructure. And not just in a manner of speaking. We will be there. In person. On-site. Carrying the tools needed for the job. We will keep driving Germany’s digital transformation forward.


„Digitalization is one of the most profound changes of our time. Pushing that development forward is in Cervis' DNA.“

Sebastian Britting, CEO Cervis GmbH


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