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Cervis cooperates with more than 300 IT specialists and electricians from all over Germany – and we are looking for more partners. If you are an IT specialists or electrician, read our services and thought “Hey, I could help with this.”, fill in the form below. We can never have too many qualified people!


Your benefits

Free access to jobs issued by our large customers all over Germany

1&1, Telekom, Conrad, as well as Drogeriemarkt and other well-known chain stores.

Effortless revenue

We take care of sales, operational planning and invoicing. Then we transfer your service fee, you don’t even have to write an invoice.

Reduce idle periods and make optimal use of your employees’ capacity

Short idle periods can be filled with jobs for Cervis.

Continuous development

Recurrent training courses, new kinds of jobs, and exchanges with other Cervis partners offer you and your employees the chance to constantly learn and acquire new know-how.


You decide which jobs you take and which you don't.

How to join the network

We are looking for reliable, qualified specialists for electronic installations and IT who want to join us in our mission to digitize Germany. If you’re interested, fill in the form below. We’ll contact you to set up a conversation so we can get to know each other.


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„In recent years, Cervis has proven to be a reliable, fair, understanding, and well-organized partner.“

Marek Templin, Managing Director – TMP-SYSTEM-SERVICE GmbH, Cervis Partner for 3 years

„The ability to accept individual contracts allows us to avoid being idle. For us as technicians, this is perfect!“

Nico Sascha Ahlke, Managing Director – Ahlke IT-Systeme GmbH, Partner for 4 years

„Thanks to the provided tools – Cervis Partner App and Cervis Partner Desk – we avoid any additional organizational overheads.“

Uli Schauenberg, Managing Director – Utronic Elektronische Anlagen GmbH, Partner for 10 years


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